With the recent Senate vote to repeal the infamous “Don’t ask. Don’t tell” the gay community can reflect on the immortal words of Dr. King (paraphrased) by exclaiming in loud voice “Free at last. Free at last. (almost)”. While it took 17 years to finally pitch this bad legislation…It happened.

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Take Away Their Whistles

San Antonio Spurs = 113
Denver Nuggets = 112

Another case where the officiating crew was allowed to determine the outcome of a key game.

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Where’s The Outcry???

It’s apparent with the recent Senate passage of the tax legislation that the lame duck group currently in command wanted to take action before their “Tea-Partiers” took control of the Republican Party. Interesting that the 2010 election is barely past history and the vocal TeaParty has disappeared into the woodwork.

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Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.

As the bullets whizzed and mortars crashed over their foxhole in the wilds of Afghanistan one soldier turns to the other and inquires of his sexual orientation. One can be certain that the sanctity and safety of those soldiers has been greatly enhanced by the recent vote by all Senate Republicans (save one–Susan Collins-R-Maine) against the repeal of “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.” Instead of figuring out a way out of this morass, both Afghanistan and Don’t ask. Don’t tell, these wizened sages will probably vote funding for the Pentagon to invent a “bullet-proof condom” to further protect our fighting forces.

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Right vs Right

House and Senate Republicans have balked (aka stopped) efforts aimed at providing a one time $250 check to Social Security recipients in 2011. These Republican politicians must think that the same group of millionaires that are close to having their tax breaks continued are also the same one’s on fixed incomes attempting to survive on their monthly Social Security checks. And to think…The 2010 elections are now but a fleeting memory with multiple seats swinging to the Republican right (that is politically “right” as opposed to the “right” thing to do).

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Obama Caves In

With the recent capitulation to the Republicans on the continuation of the Bush Tax Breaks (benefiting the wealthiest of those amongst us) for two more years it is apparent that the “change” President Obama was planning to bring to Washington amounts to mere “alms for the poor” and “manna from Heaven” for the wealthy. That two class system of the very wealthy and “other” becomes more realistic with each passing day.

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Good riddance

Josh…We hardly knew ye. And that ain’t a bad thing.

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Bye Bye Josh

Well Josh…Another one in the books. Unfortunately you can’t seem to figure out how to make those being chalked up in the book indicate “W”. Time to update that resume. Hopefully you will personally end up in that “L” column sooner than later.

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Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. John McCain Style

Arizona Senator and former Presidential candidate, John McCain, has come out swinging with his opposition to the repeal of “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.” Where Mr. McCain once proffered his image as a “maverick” it appears that in his golden years he has decided to push farther and farther to the right joining his true friends and ultra Christian conservative friends. The “maverick” appears to have become a malcontent and malevolent to the forward thinking views expressed by many in the population including the Pentagon and ranking military brass.

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Save Those Tax Cuts

Currently there are approximately two million jobless Americans scheduled to lose their unemployment benefits between now and Christmas. This is courtesy of nearly 100% of the Republicans and some conservative Democrats who have indicated that “we can’t afford to keep funding the program”.

It would seem that these “R’s and D’s” have minimal to no conscience as most of those same members of Congress are supporting an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest stripe of Americana–a continuing $700 billion tax break for millionaires. They have learned well from Queen Marie Antoinette when she said “let them eat cake” upon learning that the masses had no bread.

Any “change” that might have been coming with the 2010 elections appears to be in the form of a chunk of coal in the stocking.

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